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At Avantpage Life Sciences we strive to improve health and lives in any language.

Expertise beyond words

Anything less than a quality-focused translation partner can make your heart skip a beat. With over 20 years in the translation and localization industry, you can trust us to handle your highly regulated translation projects.

Service Beyond Words

With over 20 years in the translation and localization industry, you can trust us to handle your highly regulated translation projects.

We believe in extending and improving lives through translation.

Services We Offer

Avantpage Life Sciences offers a broad range of services that go beyond document translation. We aim to cover all aspects of your document creation process and take great pride in providing additional services that allow for even more quality control over your final product.
Our experienced project managers and a broad network of trusted translators handle even the most complex medical translations with ease. Learn more about our translation services.
Desktop Publishing (DTP) is an important component of our suite of services. With DTP, we format the translation layout to match the look and feel of your original document. Learn more about our Desktop Publishing Services.
Besides our regular translation services that already include a multi-step process, Avantpage Life Sciences also offers Language Quality Review services. If you think your documents could use an extra pair of eyes, then we can evaluate or improve your written documentation before it gets out to market, or even before it gets translated. Learn more about our Language Quality Review services.
Website localization is critical for organizations looking to compete globally and reach out to non-English-speaking customers and prospects. Localization involves much more than just language translation: it entails adapting your website so that it looks, feels and functions as if it were produced within the target country. Learn more about Localization Services.

Clinical Trials

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Medical Devices

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For more than 20 years, we’ve been trusted partners of global leaders in healthcare, government, and other sectors to deliver rigorous quality control and consistency.

Why work with us?

Expert Team & Specialized Linguists

At Avantpage Life Sciences, we provide you with unsurpassed linguistics expertise and the ability to translate your project swiftly and accurately into 150 languages. We select native speakers and professional linguists and train them rigorously.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We stake our reputation on our delivery of high-quality, accurate translation – every project, every client, every time. We keep track of quality at every step of each project with an audit trail. Through our custom translation solutions, we have saved global organizations major expenses and ensured they meet their industries requirements.

Innovative Translation Technology

Innovative technology at no cost, so you don’t need to purchase expensive and redundant tools, user licenses, and support agreements. Our technology allows you to control your assets, business intelligence, KPIs, and workflows.

- Testimonials -

“We tried numerous translation agencies, but they had high error rates and problems with technical terms and the subtleties of language. Since few things make a worse first impression than a poor translation, we can’t afford anything less than the best. And the best is Avantpage.”

“Avantpage has meticulous quality control and that’s impressive.”

“The exemplary customer service we’ve received from Avantpage far exceeds what we’ve received from other translation firms. The staff has been responsive to our requests and attentive to our needs. They have always gone the extra mile to deliver translations under difficult time constraints.”